What are Some of the Benefits of Vaping Versus Smoking?


For people who are thinking about quitting smoking, the topic of vaping often comes up. In particular, are there benefits of vaping versus smoking and, if so, what are they?


While vaping is not as healthy as not smoking or using an electronic cigarette at all, it does seem to have benefits smoking cigarettes does not. Here are a few of them.


Low health risk of vaping -- While there is a huge amount of scientific information proving smoking is not only unhealthy, it can actually kill you, there is little if any information proving vaping has health risks.


Yes, there is phytotoxin in almost all e-liquids you use, but the health problems associated with cigarettes come from the toxic chemicals in the tobacco and not from the tobacco. That is why many scientists believe the health risks of vaping are far far lower than smoking.


The flavors are nice -- Unlike smoking cigarettes, which just give you an unpleasant smoke and tar taste, vaping e-liquid allows you to experience hundreds of very nice flavors.


These flavors can be anything from chocolate to strawberries, or beer to coffee, but there is an e-liquid flavor every electronic cigarette user will like somewhere on the Internet.


The cost is lower -- When you consider e-liquid is cheaper than cigarettes, it is no wonder so many people that vape say how much cheaper it is. When you also consider you can light an electronic cigarette and just inhale a couple of times, instead of smoking a whole cigarette, using an e-liquid becomes cheaper again.


Vaping is not as addictive -- If you are trying to quit smoking, then starting off with vaping instead of smoking will help.


This is primarily due to vaping, unlike smoking, not being particularly addictive.


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